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We offer hand picked, high quality Pagan jewelry at affordable prices. We offer some of the finest Pagan jewelry sold anywhere. Hundreds of items from pendants, pentacles, talismans, Celtic brooches, Celtic pendants and Celtic crosses crafted in silver, gemstones, and other fine materials. Great additions to any elegant jewelry collection, our jewelry is crafted to be cherished for many years.

Here at The Pagan Emporium we carry the most exceptional and unusual pendants, charms, greeting cards, & unique gifts available in the market.  Browse our collection of sterling silver Celtic and Wiccan jewelry; Magical Charms; Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans; Gothic Fantasy Jewelry; Viking charms; Ancient Egyptian Amulets; New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards; Divining Rods; Reiki jewelry; VooDoo Charms; Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Pendulum Kits; Tarot Bags & more.

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Ying Yang

Ying Yang

A small Ying Yang symbol representing the dual nature of all things and the..


Woven Pentagram 5/8

Woven Pentagram 5/8"

This well crafted pendant shines with a woven pentagram which rests on a wi..


Wolf Raku  Bottle

Wolf Raku Bottle

This oil bottle pendant bears a wolf and is perfect for wearing your favori..




A silhouette of lunar-mania, accompanied by the chilling sound of crying at..